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Under the "User Actions" TAB, click on "Creche Exhibit Entries" link. If you participated in Creche in 2017 and logged in with an existing Username and Password, you will already see Creche Exhibit Entry records (similar to the display below):

Otherwise, you had to create a new Account and you will see this display that shows no previous record entries.

To create new Creche Exhibit Entry, click on the "Add Record" link on the left portion of the screen. You will then see the following form to fillout.

Fill out the form with the requested information. Any field that has an asterick (*) is required and must be filled out. When you done, click on "Add Exhibit" to create the record entry.

The record will be created and you will return to the listing of Creche Exhibit Entries.

After the record is created, we recommend that you use the "View" link to show you how your information will be printed to be displayed along with your creche exhibit.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Submit Item" checkbox must be selected (checked) in order for the Exhibit Entry to be finalized for submission. So when you have the entry information exactly the way you want it... please make sure the "Submit Item" box is checked on the form or says "Yes" In the "Submit Status" field/column. You can change the "Submit Status" value be editing the record or this can be done more easily by clicking on the "Change Status" link.

After selecting the "Change Status" link the Submit Status will toggle back and forth between "Yes" and "No".

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